Friday, November 5, 2010


Is it Friday yet? You bet your ass it is!!

And Friday means one thing..... Party!!!

Yes people, there may not be a theme or an excuse to throw a huge party like there were last week, but still, weekends need to have at least one party, right?

Even though for some of us the week felt very long and your eyes shone this morning when it struck you that it's finally Friday, to me the week went pretty fast... But my weekend will be packed:)

We start off with a show tonight, just to get into that whole weekend vibe, then we bash out the party fever on Saturday night!! Especially when my brother comes with. He doesn't believe in the whole "Go big or go home" saying, he likes to go with the "Go big or go bigger!" one. Which could prove dangerous sometimes;)

So, leave the cheap wine at home, call up all your mates, have a kick ass party, take some nice snapshots, and make a night worth remembering!!

The one that never forgets

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