Friday, September 3, 2010



It's Friday!!!!

After a long and busy week, it's always fun to kick it back and to relax on a weekend... That is if you're normal;)

For us wild children of the earth, we like turn it up to eleven on a Friday night!! Party party party people!!

So, any of you  guys throwing a party tonight? Maybe you're going to one? There's a lot of gigs in town as well tonight, so there's no reason for you to stay at home and ponder about your long lost love, go get yourself some fresh meat!! Except if you just got a new Xbox, then you're excused:)

Alright, so let's kick off another wild weekend in style. Dare yourself to do something tonight that you won't ever do in a million years, take pictures, post it everywhere and become a legend...

Peace out wild children

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