Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to hit the bar!

It's Friday!!!

Yeah, you guessed it, my favorite day of the week!

Now seeing that it's Friday, most of you will probably hit the bar straight after  work for a little glass of fine wine, that is if you're a lady, or an ice cold beer if you're a guy.

But this weekend I'm pretty sure you'll return to the bar, because there's some good sports this weekend, we have some golf, rugby, and then something you can not miss, the Suzuka Grand Prix!

So, if you're not into sports, don't feel offended when all your friends decide to bail on your little dinner party to go to the bar. But don't worry, you'll get them next time! When it's holidays and everyone is bored out of their minds of watching replays over and over again.

Now, for all the wild children out there, make sure you do something crazy, something stupid and something daring this weekend! It's a wild weekend after all, right? And the wildness all depends on you.


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