Friday, July 30, 2010

Partying 101


Party time!!

As it goes, no one knows what to do with themselves on weekends, so they invite over a couple of strangers to their house, tell them to bring whatever with, and hope that they won't smash your mom's sacred plate collection hanging agaist the wall.

Well, I guess some of us like waking up the next morning with a massive headache and a hunger disorder, while the rest of us like to enjoy an evening with our friends instead of jumping off the roof half naked and falling into the swimming pool, trying to impress a girl who wasn't even looking when you slipped on the roof and fell face first into the pool.

Either way, everyone who likes to party(or spend an evening with some friends), this blog's for you. We'll be covering all the bases, from cocktail ideas to snacks to party tricks to wines. So, noble or savage, this is for you.

Enjoy the weekend and be responsible!

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