Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open your eyes

"Lookin' back, I clearly see what it is that's killin' me" - Alter Bridge

It's funny when you look back at your life, what you discover. Some of us went through some big changes in life, and the rest just stayed the same.

But for us blackbirds who had to learn how to fly before anyone else, change is the only constant thing for us.

Most of the people around you grew up in a little cocoon, one that their parents made, not showing them the real world out there. Thus, making them believe each and every word their parents tell them, which is good when you're a little kid, but they'll never think for themselves, they'll never see their parents' mistakes.

And yes, we are ALL human, even your parents have flaws, although you might not see them, little cocoon child, but they are there. Those parents tell their kids to do what they say, not what they do, but they don't realize the colossal mistake they're making when doing this. They don't realize that their kids are going to be EXACTLY like they are, making the exact same mistakes, raising the exact same children, blinding them in the exact same way.

That's way most of the youth go absolute bonkers when hitting college or university. Alcohol, drugs and sex all play a big roll in their lives, because they are searching for themselves. How pathetic... And who's to blame? Not the youth, ladies and gentleman, but their parents. The ones who didn't talk to them about these things, "Because our little daughter will never do such things!". I've got news for you, "dad", sipping your finest wine and thinking your kid is a saint.

Instead of rubbing life under the carpet, teach life to your children. Give them the opportunity to create themselves, instead of spending the rest of their lives "finding" themselves. Open your eyes to reality, open your children's eyes. Let them question everything and come up with their own answers AFTER you taught them the right way of doing things in life. It's your responsibility to raise your kids, they don't raise themselves. And at the end of the day, all their actions can be traced back to their role models, their parents.

Remember that

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