Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wild Weekend #13

The worst part of any week, is to wake up on a Monday morning and realize that the weekend is gone...

Still, what we do throughout the week, pays for everything we do throughout the weekend, right?

So, Friday night started off with me playing a gig with one of the greatest musician friends I have, together with my brother. And as always, when I pick up a guitar on stage, all the world can pass, I won't notice.

Then Saturday night followed and as always, we had to go out and have a great time! And so we did! Now, if you know my brother, he likes to live life beyond the edge, so you're guaranteed a good time if he comes along.

But the thing that got me that night, was a mere glimpse into someone's eyes, almost as if I could see straight into that person's soul. Strange how you sometimes get this, seeing into someone instead of just looking at their eyes. It makes you wonder...

Sunday night was business as usual, playing a gig. That will never get old. The stage, the people in front of you, the atmosphere, and of course, my guitar that cries and bleeds and screams straight through the night. What more do you want?

So, all in all, not too bad of a weekend. It could have been something else if the "resting" people would have joined us, but I guess it was their loss, right?

Monday, bloody Monday

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