Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keep on walking...

Ah, the gentleman's choice. Or should I say, the guy who's willing to pay for the best?

Yes, we all know the yellow silhouette of the man walking on a black label, and we know what he represents...

Some like to throw him on the rocks, others just add water(as if the bottle says "just add water", ugh), and then you get those who mix and match him up with Coke or Dry Lemon or even Sprite!

Still, there's a lot more to whisky than just drinking it. But who wants to hear about the boring stuff? Definitely not the wild child inside of you. You want to hear about the price, where you can get your hands on it, how many bottles you can polish in one evening, stuff like that, right?

Well, Norman Goodfellows has some answers for you. Be sure to check out their range and prices on Johnnie Walker whisky's among other. And order yourself some nice bottles for the next time your inner party animal comes to light!

People, responsibility;)

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