Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Promise me you won't let them put out your fire

We all have something burning deep inside of us, something that drives us to do things in life. I'd like to call it our passion in life.

For some, it is to party their hearts out, drinks whisky and tequila, and then puke their lungs out. Nothing wrong with that picture, right?

For others, it's more of a lifestyle. People, like me, who has a passion for something they can build their lives around, in my case it would be music.

Then, of course. our dreams. You might think they are something you'd never accomplish, or something you want to accomplish with someone special, or even something you strive to achieve in your lifetime. You can never let those dreams fade!

The last fire I want to talk about, is the one we call burning desires. Yes, most of the time, these are the ones you only keep to yourself, because they are the most personal. And sometimes it happens that someone fulfills that desire, putting you on cloud 9 for the next couple of days. Usually you'll end up running back to that someone and let them do it again, whatever it is;)

So, here's my advice, don't ever let the fire inside of you burn out! Don't ever let someone or something put that fire underneath a bucket where no-one can see it! Live out your passions in life, share your heart with those who will ignite your inner fires and hold on to them!

The one and only

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