Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keep your friends close....

Friends are the most amazing, weird and wonderful things you'll ever have in your life. And the better you get to know them, the more you'll be amazed...

You might think you know someone, then they surprise you. You might think you know yourself and then you surprise yourself, that happens too.

But the logic thing to remember, is to put yourself in their shoes for one second. Life doesn't revolve around you and all your whisky drinking problems, there are other people with other problems out there.

This is an important thing to remember. You think what different than all your friends, your head is way more screwed up than anyone else's. The reason being that it's only you who knows what's really going on in there. And don't tell me you have clean and pure thoughts all the time. Don't tell me you won't fight for what you believe in!

We are all in this life with our own messed up little idea of life, with all our own baggage, all our own scars. We are all right and we are all wrong. We all make mistakes and we all achieve something from it. We all fight a war, even if it's against your closest friend.

But if you are fighting a war for one of your friends, because deep down you truly care about them, then keep on going. They may not see what you're doing or understand it at first. As long as it has nothing to do with them personally. Personal battles are fought alone!!

Never betray your friends! Let them know what your feelings are and why you feel that way. And if you hurt your friend, say sorry. Fix the problem!!

You won't regret it

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