Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wave goodbye

If you look at this picture, there are two obvious things you can take from it. But it rises a question.... Is this guy drowning or waving goodbye? Or both even?

I'd like you to ask this same question to yourself. Are you drowning in the huge ocean we call life or are you waving goodbye to someone or something in your life?

Now, you might think that this two has nothing to do with each other, right? Why would you find yourself drowning and waving goodbye at the same time? Well, isn't it obvious?

And no, drowning doesn't refer to the whiskey store online and its huge variety of drowning capabilities, it refers to you keeping your head above the water, keeping focussed and not losing it.

As where the waving goodbye refers to you letting go of something or someone you dearly loved. See how these two fits in perfect harmony? Because sometimes when you are waving goodbye, you find yourself drowning...

You find yourself on the edge of something you don't wish to be. You have to fight it, you have to step away from that edge. You have to fight the tides pulling you under, you have to pull yourself up and show yourself you can survive this.

Keep your head above the waves

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