Friday, February 4, 2011

The darkest hour never comes in the night

It's Friday again!! And it's a good one, of that I'm sure!

So, let's talk some sense into your unstable little life and get you ready for a wild weekend!

Do you know someone who has a tombstone mentality? People who believe that when they die, everything will be better, all their issues will be sorted, they will wake up in the afterlife with no worries at all. Does this sound familiar? Is this you?

Well, I've got something for you...

You may think that your darkest hour will come somewhere in the night, just after you had your glass of wine, when you are lying in your bed and waiting for the darkness to take you away from it all, but guess what? It's not gonna happen!

You like to live in the shadows, to scared of doing anything, holding on to the past, not keen to fight for yourself. When are you going to wake up?? When are you going to realise that life is here and now? Not somewhere in the past!!

The afterlife isn't going to set you free, it's going to bind you to the life you lived here and now. The choices you make now, the life you live now, the love you give now, the hate you pursue NOW!!! Nothing gets left out in life.

I leave you with today's inspiration...

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