Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It falls gently, like rain

Have you ever lost track of time by just watching how the rain falls outside on a great indoors day? Just sitting and pondering about something or someone you still have to meet?

Or maybe missing someone, running all the highlights in your mind and wishing you could turn back time and live out those moments over and over again.

And before you know it, several hours passed and you wonder where they've gone off to. Strange how time flies by when you run around in your memories and watching reruns of everything. Still, life seems to go on without us recognizing it.

It doesn't help to cry all the time or wishing your life away, it doesn't help to run back into the past and fetch something that made you happy back then. You need to face the present and plan for the future. No-one lives in the past, because then you're living backwards.

Look to the future

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