Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You've woken up the beast

You might think that this has never happened to you before, that you can not tap into your emotions, more specifically your anger, and get it to work for you.

Well, if you see yourself as the perfect human being, good for you. For the rest of us perfectly flawed creatures, emotions form part of who we are. And yes, girls more than guys, much more, but don't think for one second we are incapable of feelings and emotions.

We might not cry as much as you, or experience as much mood swings, but we have a different kind of thing to deal with. That's why this picture speaks a thousand words to me, seeing as it represents the nature of our emotions.

Guys have anger going for them, and believe me, we have an abundance of it. Sometimes anger leads us to do something we regret and we have to face the consequences of our actions. Most of the times, guys just resort to the whisky bottle, but it's very rare that you'll get a guy that has the little thing called self-control.

Now, on the other side, girls who become ice queens when something doesn't go their way. Again, you might think you're not like this, but what about the time you just ignored the poor guy who showed interest? Or decided to be a bitch, just because you can, about something someone did? Yeah, you've been down that road, right?

So, here's a little tip, seeing that it's fire and ice against each other, keep the balance! Fight fire with ice and fight ice with fire, but if the fire isn't a wild forest fire, there's no need to attack with a blizzard! If the fire is warm and inviting, let the ice melt and give in to the fire.

Still walking beside you

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