Monday, November 1, 2010

Wild weekend #12

Mondays feel like Ripley's... Believe it or not.

This weekend really flew by, not leaving any memories behind, just leaving me with a big blank. So, this is going to be interesting...

Most of you probably did the whole Halloween thing, leaving me to think back to Friday night.

The place we went to for drinks, really dug deep into the Halloween thing, girls with weird costumes selling shooters, guys walking around looking like the undead, all those kind of things. Fun times.

Then Saturday came, as you'd expect, it was a slow day for most of the world, seeing that Friday evening went on for quite a while. So, nothing really happened throughout the day, but when the night falls, the wild child comes out!

So, Saturday one of my friends invited me over to her house party, and yeah, it was chilled out, but at least it was fun. Then Sunday came...

Not the best of all, I admit, but I guess life has funny ways of working out, leaving yo to your mindless emotions and making you miss people you hardly know. At least Monday came, right?

May the night fall quickly

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