Monday, November 15, 2010

Wild Weekend #14

Another Monday, and for a change, you can't take the smile off my face...

Yes, we did the whole party thing with some lovely alcoholic beverages this weekend, and of course the gigs on Sunday, but my whole weekend revolved around one thing, the Formula 1. And it didn't disappoint!!

The moment Fernando Alonso crossed that finish line in 7th, making Sebastian Vettel world champion, I almost went through the roof!

I got three calls at the same time when that happened, the first from my dad, telling me that it was an amazing race and that the best guy won, then I had to put him on hold to answer my friend who also watched the race to talk about the same thing, then I had to put him on hold to answer my other friend who was waiting for me to pitch for the gig.

Well, I guess there's not a lot of people who follow Formula 1, so you're probably reading this and thinking "What is this guy on about?", quite simply, the best sport in the world! Haha

Have a great week

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