Monday, November 15, 2010

My hero

As a little kid, you probably had some kind of hero you looked up to, it could have been in any form, shape or size.

It could have been a rockstar, a sport superstar, or even your dad or mom, but you had someone you looked up to and pitted all your faith into that person.

This person pronanly had a big influence in what you wanted to become when you are all grown up. You maybe wanted to be a fire fighter just like your dad or a vet just like your mom?

My hero was Michael Schumacher. I saw his first race when I was 3 years old and decided that I wanted to be a Formula 1 driver, so I really tried, but sometimes there are things in life that keeps you from accomplishing your dreams. Things you can't do anything about.

But then music came along and bit in the ass, infected my life and made me grow my hair. Now all I want to do, is play my guitar everyday. Strange how life always seem to work out in some way or another.

The point I want to make, is that when you were little, you had wonderful dreams and aspirations, now that you're older, some of those might have come true, other might have faded away, but life is a journey, not a destination. So, keep dreaming, keep thinking beyond anything you think you'll ever accomplish in life, because the higher you aim, the higher you'll achieve.

Have a whisky and dream your day away, give yourself something to work for, make yourself the hero someone else looks up to, inspire people with your actions, give more than you take and become the person you've always wanted to be!

There goes my hero, watch him as he goes!

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