Monday, October 18, 2010

Wild weekend #10

Sadly, an AWESOME weekend comes to an end...

So, where do we start? hmm...

Well, I guess at the beginning, right? So here goes.

Usually, on a Friday, you won't find me at home, but this Friday, you did. And usually on a Saturday, I'll just chill out and relax for the whole day, but this Saturday took me by surprise.

It started off with a good jamming session with one of the best musicians I know, then he told me about a place where he took his wife the previous evening, then we decided we'll give it a go on a Saturday evening.

So, we made a couple of calls, arranged everything, and went out for a night I think was the best in a very long time. Of course, the recipe for such a night doesn't always include amazing alcoholic beverages, but amazing company as well. Fortunately, I had both! Especially the girl who decided to join me;)

I'm requesting a rerun!

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