Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sometimes I feel I've got to run away

A shared emotion among everyone who've been through the roads of life and survived to tell a story.

It sounds a bit dramatic, actually. But hey, no one gets out of life alive, right?

You'll find yourself running to something or someone, then the next moment running away from them. Or you'll be the one who someone runs to and then suddenly run away from. Either way, someone's doing the running...

And the simple question to this is, why? Why do you run to something then turn your back on it? Did it disappoint you in some way, did it hurt you? Or did it care more about the whisky than you?

The pure and simple answer to this, is a question you need to ask yourself. Why did you run toward it in the first place? Maybe curiosity got the better of you, maybe it looked so "beautiful", almost like the light in A Bug's Life, maybe you thought this is what would make you happy. One thing is certain, you got to let yourself make mistakes.

In the end, it's who we are, the product of our own mistakes. This means when you made one, do NOT run away! Face it. There will always be someone who will hold you tight while you ho through the deepest and darkest in life, but you have to learn out of your mistakes and face them with a burning desire to overcome them.

The one who never leaves your side

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