Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a kind of Magic!

You don't have to a magician to see that life has something magical in it. Something that can put a smile on your face or leave you filled with wonder.

When I was a little kid, I usually couldn't wait for the rain to come, because every time the rain stopped, I'd find a rainbow somewhere in the sky.

Yes, I know the mind of a child is simple, that's why my mom could tell me anything and I'd believe her, that is, after I wrote on the wall and found out that she WILL punish me, like she said. Weird how moms and dads always have that little thing in them to predict the future...

Still, the rain always brought something special to me. Seeing that my birthday is in the last week of October, it'll always rain on my birthday. And that was something I treasured as a young one. And still today, when it rains on my birthday, it takes me back to a magical place and puts a smile on my face.

So, what takes you to that place where you can just let go and give the world a smile? And no, whisky doesn't count as an answer!!

Time to vanish...

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