Thursday, October 21, 2010

Both sides of the coin

It's funny how each and every one of us share a different perspective on life and situations in it.

But this is usually what makes us unique. And usually will lead to arguments, because you can't look at life in any other way than yours.

If someone is a wine lover, for example, then one person will criticise that one for drinking too much wine, and another person will find common ground with the wine lover.

If a situation comes to exist, the people involved, will also look at it from different angles, both arguing their point of view instead of standing back and looking at both sides of the coin. Yes, this is difficult, because our human nature tends to prove someone wrong. But sometimes you have admit when you're the one at fault.

Sometimes when you take a step back and look at things, you might find yourself being the one who created something you shouldn't have. You are the one who's at fault, your sorry little perfect life isn't so perfect after all. And you're afraid of admitting it or even seeing it.

You can scream all you want, run as far as your feet can carry you, inflict as much pain as you like, but it never changes the facts. It never changes the picture right in front of you. All you can do, is to look ahead and figure out what road you'll be taking, hoping it's the right one.

Always walking next to you...

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