Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would I be out of line if I say I miss you?

Even if you're a wild child, this happens too. No matter how you live your life, how many people you know, how you look or what job you do, we all have our moments where we feel like this.

We all wake up one day in a free-formed Utopian dream, thinking life couldn't get any better than this. So what do we do? Some of us celebrate too hard and get home with a whisky breath, others enjoy the moment and get too attached to it, but most of us just mess it up, and we can't explain why.

So, then we wake up alone again, thinking what the hell went wrong and spending the rest of the month trying to figure it out. It's human to miss something or someone and no one says it's easy to change and adapt. Luckily, that's one thing we humans are good at...

Still, sometimes we get them back in some way or another, just to realize we made the same mistake. But I guess that's how life goes. But don't ever look back! Chin up, find your inner aggresion, release it, let go of the heartache and combust into someone new.

So, pardon me while I burst into flames

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