Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wine and dine me, then we'll see

Interesting little fact about wine, guys, most girls like it...

If it's a dry red, or a semi-sweet, or even the wine they serve in the church with a communion sermon.

You can even tell a lot about the girl's persona by just knowing which wine she prefers, but I'm not giving out any secrets;)

One thing I suggest you all do, is to broad your horizons. The more types of people you know, the better you'll get along with people, right? The same goes for wine...

Yes, wine tastings are classy, but do you really get to know someone by just meeting them? I don't think so. You need to sit down and chat to a person to get to know him/her.

So here's an idea. Get a bottle of wine you've never heard of before, then get someone to share it with that you barely know, giving you the opportunity to get to know a person and a wine!

Still the only darkness in the light

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