Monday, September 13, 2010

Wild Weekend #5

Can't believe it, but another weekend has come and gone. And this time, we had a little problem with authority...

But that's just the wild child way of life. Hahaha!

Saturday, what a beautiful day, me and my brother had to go and help out selling cool drinks at a carnaval. And as life goes, we're not really known for behaving. Needless to say, when ice melts, it becomes water. Which in turn becomes something you can use to be creative;)

So, we did just that, but my brother decided to go for the kill. He wet a girl from head to toes and then came the "authority" in the same basic form of Eric Cartman, just without the police outfit...

We got chased away and banned from the carnaval without even having consumed any alcoholic drinks! But when I look back at it, I'm glad it was my brother and not me, because I would have simply told the "fluffy" guy that at least I can get a girl wet;)

Think for yourself, question authority

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