Monday, August 16, 2010

Wild weekend #3

Yes, another weekend is gone, and we're back into the digital ocean. What a weekend this was...

Friday night was a MUST to hit the local gigs and see what's cooking. Unfortunately no-one decided to dance on the pool tables or hit someone with a chair or something;)

There was one particular thing that interested me Friday night. I went to support one of my friend's bands(as we all get invites on facebook to do so), and then I found myself in a place surrounded by old friends and having one hell of a time!

But to come back to the one thing that interested me, there was a girl(like always...), you know, the one just sitting there with her exotic drink and chatting to her friends? That one. She drank a beer that she mixed with a Red Bull(interesting, don't you think?).

Now, I'm not sure what made me talk to her, her drink or her persona, either way, both were very fascinating, and I thought to myself,"Wow, there's still hope left in this world...".

Some people give up on their dreams they had when they were little, some people come with damn good excuses not to chase after what they really want. Some people let go and think it's for the best, but this one taught me something very special. Even though most of us find ourselves wanting, we need to find our dreams. We need to find our destination and work to reach it.

It's better to be nowhere, but knowing where you want to go than to be somewhere and not having a clue where you are.

Thank you, perfect stranger

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