Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is life! Na na na na na...

Yes, this is something we've all experienced first hand in our lives, in some way or another, we all can relate to this.

Whether it's because someone asked you to change and they didn't change for you as well, or if it's you spending too much money on beer;), either way, this has happened before... Miscommunication!

We like to see the faults in our partners very quickly and use that to our own advantage, instead of looking at ourselves first. Yes, most of the guys will never grow up, but most of the women will never give their men a chance to grow up. Girls think they'll find mr. Perfect and then live happily ever after. This isn't a fairy tale, Cinderella! This is more like Shrek.

You'll find us guys living in our swamps, not really caring about anything, and the moment you step in, things will start to change, but you're gonna have to be patient! And the most important thing of all, you're going to have to adapt...

No one's perfect, but you can learn to love someone as they are, in the same way he will love you as you are.

Yours truly...

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