Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th...

Yes, my bootlegger buddies, today is Friday the 13th! So let's get this party started!!

No excuse to not throw a HUGE party tonight. Get yourself some food and exotic drinks, decorate your house like it's the end of the world, invite all your friends, tell them to dress up like reapers, and have the night of your life!!

There are many stories and theories behind Friday the 13th. So, here's an idea! See how many stories you can dig up, then, when everybody's having too much fun(you know what I mean...) you will be equipped to get some bleak faces out of the crowd! Even some screams, if you do it right;)

Do it all tonight, it doesn't happen very often that you can use the date as a reason for a house party! Grab your camera, take some photo's, go bananas and bush monkey all over the neighbour's yard, jump off the roof with your reaper wings, try to fly, kidnap the old lady's cat and give it back in the morning! Haha

Be creative, my wayward son!

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