Thursday, August 12, 2010

This world is spinning around me...

This world is spinning around me, the whole world is spinning without me. Every day sends future to past, every breath leaves me one less to my last. - Dream Theater

Yes, a lot of us know that feeling when everything around us can't seem to fit. And most of the time, it's because you had another whisky or thought that a bottle of wine won't do you anything if you see how fast you can down it! Haha

But sometimes it's much more than that. Sometimes we strike all time highs or even all time lows, putting our worlds in a spin and making us feel like we're lost in something or someone.

Even our fears can get the best of us, giving in to our own created paranoia and desperately trying to make it all stop. Some become comfortably numb in their fear, and just learn to live with it, some embrace it and start believing that their fear will lead them to a better life. But it's only the selected few who goes beyond comfort and settling in. It's onlly those who stand up and fight with open minds and open hearts. Willing to change with the territory and facing their own faults. Making themselves better in the process and overcoming their worst enemy, which is the guy/girl looking back at you in the mirror.

"Pull me under, I'm not afraid. All that I feel, is honour and spite. All I can do, is to set it right." - Dream Theater

Make every breath count!

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