Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bootlegging the bootleggers!!

For those of you who have some taste in music and don't need a history lesson on who Pink Floyd is(no, it's not Sid Barret who passed away, and yes, they made much better songs than "Another brick in the wall"), you'll recognize this picture...

To give you an idea, the lighting for this show cost $195 000 per evening, I want to see Billy Talent pulling that one off.

This picture was taken at on of their shows on the Pulse tour, available on DVD. If you still think Fall Out Boy is God's gift to man when it comes to music, please enlighten yourself and go buy Pulse!! NOW!!!!

Unfortunatly, no one gets out of life alive, which means we have to cherish the special times. Pulse surely is memorable and it's one of the last BIG shows that Richard Wright did with David Gilmour.

So, do yourself a favour. Go pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, grab the DVD remote, sit back and enjoy the best music the world has ever known!

Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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