Thursday, August 19, 2010

The nobility of a savage...

Yes, it's true...

Men are savages, or let's rephrase that, if I hurt anyone's feelings, most men are. But underneath the hardcore shell that "most men" carry, there lies nobility. And that statement really includes only a few men...

Think of it as a pyramid, at the bottom, you get all of man, savages. Then, higher up, you get the men with their nobility tucked away under a shell, and then at the top, you get the Noble Savage. The one who knows when to be cruel to be kind, when to love, when to hate, when to wage war, when to live in peace.

This hand full of men have good disguises and you probably know one or two of them, but you don't know that they're the cream of the crop. These guys don't prance around or force themselves on everyone around them. They don't play the sorry ass card and they don't bother you with their issues.

They will always listen and never lie. They will speak their minds and never beg you for something. They will stand their ground and make you work for their attention. They will treat you as you deserve to be treated and they will reward you for valiant efforts.

Do you know a noble savage?

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