Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wild Eurotrip!!

Read it and weep, but I was in Amsterdam, Belguim and Paris for the last week and a half!!

Now, the first question you'll ask me, is did I get high in Amsterdam or visit the red light district? Or did I do something fairly insane in Paris? Or what the hell did I do in Belgium? Are your questions will be answered soon, young padawan...

Let's start at Amsterdam, the city of sin. And no, I didn't get hiigh on some local weed or visited the red light district for some window shopping, the weatherwas too awful to put your nose outside the door!! And what's the fun of walking in the rain when you can only look at hot girls instead of kissing one?

I did witness a tree falling into a canal, though, sending a couple of bicycles into the water and others to the repair shop. Nothing says "LEGENDARY" like sitting in the hotel room and watching a four-story high tree breaking out of its roots and falling straight into the canal!

Then came Belgium and the weather got even worse... The camping site we were staying at for the Formula 1, was more mud than grass and the storms ripped out quite a few of the tents around us. Luckily we survived...

And then out came the sun in Paris! What an AWESOME city to be in! everything's happening in Paris, all the time. Lovely scenary, amazing shops and restaurants, great hotels, beautiful girls, definitly a way to spend some Euro's.

Then we bought a bottle of whisky, shame, the bottle won't last long. An amazing taste that whisky delivers!!

But the highlight of the trip, was landing in my home country. You won't believe how amazing it is to be back and to talk your own lkanguage, drive your own car and not having to worry about anything.

Back to reality...

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