Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friend or foe?

We all know that Nando's is known for their extreme ads(making us laugh like little girls!!) and most of the time, the ads get banned for slander or something. Haha

So, if you're a little more intelligent than the average joe, you'll see who Nando's targeted with this ad. Clever...

Most of the time, it's a very touchy subject to talk about, but why should it be? Why can't we give our own opinions on it? Why should we shut our mouths when it comes to politics, religion, etc.? Screw it.

A lot of people think that all the Muslims are bad people and will explode if you look at them the wrong way, but they're surely mistaken.

This goes for all types of people, musicians, artists, writers, anything that's beyond your comfort zone.

People like to judge before they even know what they're judging. And others are afraid of someone else's opinions, because they might be proven wrong. Yes, there are bad people in this world, and yes, we like to find faults in them and make them our enemies. But ask yourself, who's your biggest enemy?

Is it the guy drinking Johnnie Walker at the bar and stealing all your potential girls away? Is it the girl who flirts with your man? Is it your sibling who outperforms you in every possible way? There's a lot of options.

But you'd be wrong...

Our biggest enemy is the one that stares back at you, the one that talks to you everyday, the one that knows you inside and out, the one who mimics your every move.

Your biggest enemy, is you. And you alone...

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