Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild weekend #2

Yes, we all got to kill our alarms yesterday morning for the public holiday, and add a day to our weekend!

I'm sure all of us enjoy spending a day irritating ourselves at home or going out with the people you call friends, but can't seem to recall why you like them?

Still, we stick to them out of fear of being left alone... Poor us! ;)

For the rest of us normal people, we usually find some way of entertainment, being in any form or any place at any time. If it's drinking something exotic with your dad or going to a movie with your future heart breaker, we find a way!

Being as it is, it was woman's day yesterday, so guys, I hoped you treated the girl in your life like she deserved to be treated! I know I did...(laughing in some sick, twisted way).

It's funny how technology allows us to create something special and then just destroying it again! But hey, that's what a wild child does the best, right? Living by his/her own set of rules and having a blast doing it! That's the key to having a wild weekend...

Opportunity knocks every day, open the damn door! :)

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