Monday, December 13, 2010


The only thing constant in this world, is change. Or at least that is what some wise guy once said.

I tend to agree with him, seeing all the changes happening all around me and inside of me. And this is happening to you as well. You might be in that comfort zone of being blind to what's really happening or just ignoring the consequences of your immature and childish actions.

Either way, change is bound to happen to us all. People don't change in such a way that they're a brand new person at the end of the day, they just change minor details. But they'll still operate the same way, they'll make the same mistakes, they'll go through the same pain and agony, they'll bump their heads on the same place over and over again.

And then you get those who only like to sit on their thrones and tell everyone else how to change and what to do without realizing that they need to change as well. But they like to hate themselves and not facing the mirror, making themselves even more miserable and doing things they will regret later on, losing their friends and loved ones by just keeping on doing the things they know they shouldn't. But who cares, right?

Everyone knows hurt, everyone disappoints, but the secret lies in the changes we make to ourselves. If you keep improving yourself as a human being, then you keep improving on something you can use, something other people can love and relate to and care for, so that one day when the life insurance policy kicks in, you don't end up buried and forgotten, but leaving something behind instead.

Be the change you want to see in this world

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