Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wild Weekend #16

Although Christmas is still a month away, the Christmas fever is hitting everyone hard, including me...

You're probably on your way to having a nice little holiday with your family or friends, right? Buying everyone gifts and getting enough wine for the festive time.

I'll be hitting the road myself on Saturday, but only for a week, then I need to come back to work...

Still, that week is going to be legen... Wait for it...

So, the weekend, well, it didn't start off to badly. We had a stage production going on for the whole weekend, and I was responsible for all the technical side of things to move smoothly. So, I spent the whole weekend with all the guys and girls involved in the production.

I wanted to make time for someone else too, but yeah, time was really hard to come by this weekend, and before I knew it, it was over. It's a pitty, really.

At least my brother decided to give me an early Chrsitmas gift on Saturday:) And on this next line I won't take any arguements. I have the best brother in the world!


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