Monday, November 29, 2010

Hold your balance

You might look at this picture and think that this has no meaning or resemblance to you whatsoever, but it has...

Think of it as choices or phases in your life. All stacking up to create the person you are. And if this isn't in perfect balance, this tower is going to fall.

So, what's my point here exactly?

My point is simple. Get your balance in life right, then hold it there. Sometimes we say yes to things we really want or need, other times we say no to those things. Sometimes we let other people make the choices for us, which isn't a good idea at all!

If you know what you want and you know what will make you happy, say yes to those things and no to the things that will keep you from getting there. This means that sometimes in life you have to be a hard ass, you have to be a bitch, you have to be rude, you have to be cruel. Even the people that never frown eventually breaks down. This part of who you are, and all of us have that dark side in us. You have to use it to your advantage.

And no, this isn't the alter ego you go in to when you had too much whisky, this is the part in you that only you know, only you see, only a few people experience and only you can use.

Looking at my own reflection when suddenly it changes

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