Monday, October 11, 2010

Wild weekend #9

Yet another weekeend has come and gone and it's Monday and work again.

But what a weekend!

We've had some amazing sport going this weekend, with Vettel winning the Formula 1, and who cares about the rest?

Still, some good times. My fingers are red from the acoustic gigs over the weekend, and typing can become quite an issue when you only have one hand not complaining all the time. But it could be worse, right?

You'd think that a strong shot of whisky can cure any kind of pain, well, been there, done that. Fingertips need to heal on their own:)

Apart from me playing my fingers off this weekend, and you sitting all alone at home, not knowing what to do with yourself, it was enjoyable. Like every weekend should be!

The one with the glowing fingers

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