Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild weekend #8

It's a beautiful October Monday and we're all fresh and ready for a new week!

Everyone's laughing and smiling and thinking back on their weekends. And what a weekend it was, indeed!

I'm sure all of us have experienced the "home alone" weekend, right? So, what do you do on such a weekend? It's quite simple really...

You go and buy a bottle of whisky or something you really like, then you get your best friend or lover or even a full house of friends to come over and have a ball of a time. And not just for the night, for the whole weekend, baby!

Just make sure that when Monday morning comes, everything is cleaned up and all the empty bottles are thrown away, leaving no evidence for the parent police or the guy who asked you to stay in his house for the weekend while he is off to Thailand.

So, while he rode on the elephants over there, you did quite a number on his house, but hey, who has to know that, right? As long as everything is still in tact when he gets back...

Be the inspiration!

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