Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You wanna be the one in control

Hi class! Today we're talking about control freaks! Do you know any?

It's probably a friend of yours, you know, the girl who doesn't like to be late, the one who decides everything, the one who gets angry when things aren't going her way, the one who will flip out if you do somethiing "wrong" in their eyes? Yes, that one!!

Oh, and by the way, if I just described your girlfriend, my advice would be to get out!! NOW!! Except if you have no back bone and like the idea that your girls sits on your head, then please continue!

Some of you might think that it's impossible to break through that control freak barrier, and some of you know just how to do that, which I'm not going to explain, I'll need about 100 blogposts for that.

Either way, we all get to face a control freak in our lives. and the simple answer is, don't take it! Why should you be a puppet in someone else's hands? You're a wild and free spirit, you can't get captured? You can join someone on their jurney through the mysterious waves of life, but you're still your own person.

Go make your own choices, deal with your own mistakes, live your own life and don't give in to the hot chick just because she smiled at you;)

Peace out, wild children!

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