Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On a dark road

Do you find yourself on a dark road through a lonely night? Not knowing where to go or what to do, but just walking and carrying on like nothing matters?

Most people like to put themselves in a routine, not living life but keeping to their routine of everyday life. Thus, making themselves comfortably numb, to put it in Roger Waters' words.

So, what do you do when you find yourself on this road? Do you carry on like normal, hoping someone will drive by and see you? Or do you stop and look around you and see what you've fallen in to?

It's time to change! It's always time to change! because change is the only thing that makes us live life. If life isn't a challenge anymore, if life doesn't give you something to smile about, what's the point of getting up in the morning? Why do you even bother if you don't have anything to accomplish, to grasp? Go back to sleep!

Or get up and smell the roses! Open your eyes, challenge life! Discover the unknown, set goals and follow your life long dreams! Make your life interesting, because no one will do it for you!


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