Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breathe again!

Some people like to compare life to the ocean, open and wide with endless possibilities.

I think some days that they are right, but I'd like to think of that comparison in my own way. If life is the ocean, and we are the fish, I think we're still mammals that need to come up for air every now and then, because if we don't take a breather now and then, life will drown us.

Yes, there are some freak fishies around us who love drowning themselves in work or a bottle of the finest wine, maybe they're afraid of some fresh air and what they might find when they come up for it? Who knows?

And let's not forget the shellfish that seems to just clamp shut at any sign of the unknown. But can you blame them? It's how they were raised, if you want to blame something or someone.

One thing they don't realize, is that the current, which is life, doesn't wait for anything or anyone. It goes on and you can go with it or you can stay behind. Your choice!

So, which fish are you?

I'll be the killer whale for now...

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