Monday, September 20, 2010

Wild weekend #6

What a weekend...

It started out as a party and it ended as a party! Very seldom that this happens...

Friday morning I found myself at an amazing hotel with an amazing breakfast laying in front of me. So, what do you do in this situation? You eat, of course!!

Then, later on one of my mates invited me to join them at a buffet restaurant, where we, yes you guessed it, ate some more! Naturally, this included some alcoholic beverages;)

So, Saturday came and we decided to hit the go kart track. One thing you must remember, never challenge me in go karts! You WILL lose. Thus, I kicked ass in go karts. Then me and my brother got bored and we decided to give the track marshalls heart attacks.

So we started drifting wheel to wheel on each and every corner. The Marshall was brave enough the first time to step onto the track and give us a warning flag, but he quickly realized that my kart passes dangerously close to his leg when he does that, so he decided to just let us be. Clever boy...

Saturday evening, we did the usual, which would be a party:) Where one of the Nimrods thought it would be a good idea to throw his empty beer bottle over the wall, nearly hitting the neighbour's car. So, we threw him over the wall with a broom and an empty charcoal bag.

This was followed by a nice late Sunday morning and an awesome gig in the evening. All and all, great weekend!!

Now, back to reality

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