Monday, August 2, 2010

Wild weekend #1

So, it's Monday again. Some of you still feel like your head is the size of Jupiter, other wish it was still weekend.

Either way, the weekend is perfect for everyone to let go of any fear and hit the theme parks!

I decided to take my first pay check, drag my brother and my girlfriend to Gold Reef City, and see which one of them can scream the loudest. Needless to say, my brother sounds like an opera singer travelling at the speed of sound on those rides...

And then came the UFO, which bored me to death, until my girlfriend started having a crisis on it! So, she watched from the sidelines as my brother and I decided to play a little game in the UFO...

Too bad the Tower of Terror couldn't play host to a symphony of screams and terrifying emotion as the thing was closed when we got to it. But still, the Golden loop provided some tears, as a teenage girl in front of us came to the death-defying realisation that she's about to travel at speeds that her body won't understand and heights that her stomach won't seem to like. Poor girl, we almost laughed...

So, how was your weekend? Any weird and wonderful things you did?

Tell me all about it

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