Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The way we party!!

The simple answer is yes, we did have a great weekend filled with partying and exotic alcoholic beverages!

This is my brother, he turned 20 on the 6th of March and we celebrated in style!! Like we always should...

Now, you might wonder what that huge jug in front of him contains, well, I'm not sure about everything, but I do know that it was a winner!!

So, how was your weekend? Did it compare to this photo? If it did, please let me know!

Besides for the occasion, the people there made it even better!! What's a party without the right people, right? And believe you me, the right people were there!

So, to all my fellow wild children out there, all my fellow bootleggers, and all my fellow friends who attended this breathtaking event, you guys rock!! You really DO know how to throw a party!!

We will always party hard!

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