Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A shift in reality

One thing that WILL happen to you some time or another in your life, and maybe even more than once, is this.

It usually happens the day you walk out of high school and then the day you start working after spending all your dad's money on getting through college or university. And finally, the day you get married.

And now you're probably sitting there, asking yourself,"What is this guy talking about?". Read the title, Nimrod!

Reality shifts aren't something we see in movies where someone goes into your dreams, then he leads you into a dream within a dream, no, reality shifts in when life as you know it suddenly changes.

There's a whole world between going to school and then life after school, same with studying and working, then getting married. Responsibilities start kicking in on different levels, choices get harder to make, life throws you with things you would never expect. Sadly, most of the people don't believe that their lives would ever change, and the moment life hits them in the face, they crack underneath it.

These people then start resorting to something else, something new, seeing that the old stuff no longer exist in their small realm of life. Things like alcohol, drugs, sex, they will keep searching until they find something that gives them a moment of satisfaction, not realizing that they're opening up the cracks even further and making way for all the wrong things to take control of their life.

I've seen it happen to people, not wanting to adapt, not wanting to change, not ready for that reality shift into the next phase of their lives. In that case, life just seems to take over and before they know it, they're turning into something they don't want to be.

Now, if you were raised with narrow-minded parents, you might be one of those people who won't be able to adapt, and once you crack open something you have never heard about, then it's going to become an addiction. So, be warned.

Face yourself, face your fears, adapt to your situation, take up your responsibilities, become someone and not something, focus on the right things in life, leave the wrong things behind, get to grip with reality and open your eyes to the things around you.

Enough said

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