Monday, September 27, 2010

Wild weekend #7

So, it's Monday agaiin...

At least I had a good weekend! But I think the highlight was Friday evening. I went to a 21st birthday party and the theme was "super hobo', so we dressed accordingly:)

Some arrived with boards, others violated a t-shirt, one girl even wore a (clean) rubbish bag! Very original, I have to say...

If you wanted a drink, you had to search through the (clean) rubbish lying all over the floor for a full can of cooldrink. If you wanted food, you had to go and fecth it out of the (clean) dustbin! This was some party!

Some "spirits" were provided for a little alcoholic beverage, nice touch, and then the people did the rest, basically. Fun times, good crowds, great company;)

What's a weekend without a party?

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